BBC tests 4K Planet Earth II in HDR on iPlayer  |   US Congress fights ticket-grabbing bots  |   TalkTalk's wi-fi hack advice is 'astonishing'  |   Fan-made version of 'classic' World of Warcraft returns  |   Hacker who stole film scripts jailed for five years  |   Terrorism most immediate threat to UK, says MI6  |   PewDiePie quit plan prompts YouTube reply  |   Fitbit confirms Pebble takeover deal  |   Google data centres to be 100% renewable-powered by 2017  |   Apple Music attracts 20 million subscribers in 18 months  |   YouTube's $1bn royalties are not enough, says music industry  |   Apple says iPhones safe despite China 'fires'  |   Samsung triumphs over Apple in US Supreme Court patent row  |   Call for privacy probes over Cayla doll and i-Que toys  |   Trump: Softbank to invest $50bn in US businesses  |   EU criticises tech firms for slow action on hate speech  |   You can now turn off Instagram comments (or will be able to very soon)  |   'Millions of Dailymotion account details taken'  |   Extremist images 'fingerprinted' by tech firms  |   North Korea 'hacks South's military cyber command'  |   TalkTalk wi-fi router passwords 'stolen'  |   Amazon unveils plans for grocery shop with no checkouts  |   Seattle 'thief' caught by remote car door lock  |   'Dangerous wait' with fire-risk dryers  |   Credit card numbers guessed in 'seconds'  |   Fake news detector plug-in developed  |   Service station thieves 'using car key jammers'  |   Apple reveals self-driving car plans  |   How the octopus is inspiring keyhole surgical tools  |   Facial scan app wants to get to know you  |  

08 | 12 | 2016
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Read the in-house road-test of the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.

See how it performs and how it will relate you you, with information and screenshots to give you a feel of the latest offering from MS. 

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Backup your e-books, it seems Amazon can not only close your account, but block access to your purchased books that you use on your Kindle. No explanation, no forewarning and no refund is the order of the day for some customers who find thier new e-reader may be left as a useless ornament.....

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